About the Collections

Beautiful little things. Beautifully made.

Margaret Collection

Inspired by my grandmother Margaret’s humble paste earrings, The Margaret Collection focuses on strong, simple lines to highlight the unique beauty of each gemstone.

Droplet Collection

The Droplets Collection plays with fluid movement, creating hand-crafted jewels that are lighthearted in their approach to luxury.

Heart Collection

Inspired by the multi-colored hardstone egg pendants of genius Carl Fabergé, The Heart Collection offers many variations on the theme of love and the endurance of the body’s toughest and most delicate muscle, the heart.


About the Designer


Phoebe Jonas is a commercial actress entangled in a lifelong love affair with jewelry design and precious stones. Through her eponymous brand, Phoebe Jonas Jewelry, Phoebe creates jewelry that teases her imagination--much to the delight of clients who also believe adornment to be a sacred form of self-expression.

Multi-passionate, Phoebe is also a committed animal advocate. When she’s not taking gemstone classes or setting up home-made cat shelters, you can find her enjoying her Brooklyn neighborhood, or visiting the candy store she owns with friends in upstate New York. Now that’s a pretty sweet life.