Gem Soaps


We’re gem crazy here at Phoebe Jonas Jewelry. We love color, light, and facets–and we adore products that bring these elements into our daily lives. Fittingly, then, we are obsessed with gem soaps.

There are several companies making beautiful, gem hued soaps so gorgeous you might not want to actually use them–but we recommend that you do, because they’ll dress up your vanity and bring an element of cool luxury to your shower. Who wouldn’t like a little more luxury in their lives?

TS Pink makes gem soaps that closely resemble some of our favorite stones–Malachite, Lapis Lazuli, Opal, Turquoise and more. These soaps look like actual chunks of minerals and quartz with inclusions and bands. Magical Omaha also showcases some beauties by TS Pink, at slightly lower prices, and with better photos.

Pelle Designs makes Soap Stones, equal parts ethereal and earthy–“inspired by naturally occurring gemstones such as Rose Quartz and Aquamarine and metamorphic rock such as Jade and Onyx.”

Ederle makes slabs of Gem Soaps in translucent colors that evoke raw corundum sapphire, aquamarine and rose quartz. Simple and decadent at the same time.

Phoebe Jonas